About the USS CUBERA Logbook:

The Logbook originally used a Perl program to store your contributed information in a highly visible HTML page. This CGI method was insecure, allowing theft by 'robots' that surf the Web looking for characteristic email address forms for mass-mailings.

I re-designed the Log using PHP and MySQL, powerful and free Open Source programming tools. The benefits to my visitors are that, since your information is stored in a database that only the code in my pages can access, it is safe from collection by 'robots'. This design also allows me to filter and expunge unwanted commercial or pornographic postings more easily.


Using the log: Only 10 entries are shown on each Log page. At the bottom of each page are links to other pages containing more entries. To make an entry yourself, click the logbook icon at the top or bottom of any log page.

Searching: Enter a name or other text in the blank and click "Search". The search finds first names, last names and text in the log entries.

Thanks for visiting!

--Rik Nilsson