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2018-05-05 14:37:28

"I was on Cubera from Nov 69 thru Jan 72. I was an ET. "

--Tom Rafferty, San Antonio Tx USA

2016-11-26 07:44:41

"To all former crew membersLCDR Wendell Lovingood, USN (Rtd), a former crew member of the USS Cubera, is having health issues. He is 86 years old. I have a request Wendell is all NAVY, and speaks highly of his time on board and affectionately of his crew mates. It would boost his spirits enormously if he would receive Christmas cards from any who served on this boat. If you would like to participate in this act of kindness, please send your card with good wishes, encouragements, attaboys for service, and sign with your former rate/rank, service specialty, etc. Anything NAVY!I would like to accumulate all cards as soon as possible. I will bundle and present them to Wendell the week before Christmas. I will send pics and his comments via e-mail if you provide that info on a note separate from the card.Navy has always meant "Family". Your participation wil be greatly appreciated. Thanking you all in advance,John Barone, 478 Greasy Creek Road, Brasstown, NC 28902"

--John Barone, Brasstown NC USA

2013-11-09 09:14:34

"My step dad served in Cubera, Probably in the 50&rsquo.s . TM2 William Steele. Anybody remember him?He&rsquo.s the reason I choose the Navy as a career. He was disappointed that I went to the "dark side" (Brownshoe - Parachute Rigger), but that&rsquo.s only because I couldn&rsquo.t pass the visual test. (color blind)"

--Mark Di Domenico, Orlando FL USA

2013-06-10 10:21:29

"I was on the Cubera in 1946 and was a pointer on our 5"25 caliber gun. I don&rsquo.t remember that any of the gun crew wore ear protection. But if you want LOUD have the Exec blow the klaxon without warning when you are standing on the forward deck. Bull Watson almost looked pissed. 67 years ago and I can still sense it."

--robert cronemille (S1c), mineral ca USA

2013-03-09 11:31:51

"Hi Old Shipmates,In 1963 or 64-I&rsquo.m trying to remember the name of the 2nd class TM or MT that had the watch in the after torpedo rm. when the signal ejector came apart,and he got the outer door shut,I believe he went to a boomer . I would appreciate any info ! Thanks Cheese ps. I think this country needs sailors like we had on the Cubby Bear ,NOW- God Bless"

--Ray Cheesebrough, Long Beach CA USA

2013-02-19 23:52:46

"Okay, I&rsquo.m going to try this again. The message below was typed on a tablet computer and got posted a bit garble. My wife&rsquo.s father, Bill Hofer, was EM1/C and an original member of the crew of the Cubera. He was listed as a plankowner on the plaque, which he ended up with. Other names on the plaque are Lt. J.A. Easton, Jr. Lt. (JG) J.M. Welles. Ens. D.A. Peterson. CTM G.W. Wasson. TM1/C R.M McCorkle. and EM1/C F.W. Denson. Bill Hofer served on Cubera from 1945 to 1950. He also served on USS Gudgeon, USS Queenfish, and USS Entemedor, among others. He retired from the US Navy in 1960. Unfortunately, he passed away from lung cancer in 1968. My wife and I are very proud of his service. We would be happy to share a photo of the plankowners plaque and also a photo of the USS Cubera being christened in June, 1945.Dave BerryLTC (Ret.) US Army"

--David Berry, Carmichael CA USA

2013-02-19 22:56:43

"My wife&rsquo.s father, Bill Hofer, was an original member of the crew when Cubera was launched. He was one of the listed plankowners. We have the plaque. Unfortunately, he passed away from lung cancer in 1968.The other names on the plaque areLt. J.A. Easton, Jr.Lt. (JG) J.M. WellesEns. D.A. PetersG.W. WassonR.M. McCorkleF.W. Denson.Dave BerryLTC (Ret.) US Army"

--David Berry, Carmichael CA USA

2012-12-28 21:58:21

"Qualified 1946GM3C"

--Albert Conner, Philadelphia Pa USA

2012-06-06 08:02:40

"Served aboard Cubera from 69 thru 72. Great Boat and Crew., Whre have you gone Charlie Workman, Percy Turner, Doc Woods, Mike Peliter. . ."

--Tom Rafferty, Goose Creek SC USA

2010-05-22 13:04:09

"I was an ROTC midshipman lucky enough to have a summer cruise on the Cubera in 1968. I reported about a month or so after the squadron had lost the Scorpion and their friends in that crew. Sobering time. Three of us midshipmen had a blast that summer, learned a lot on board the boat, and learned a lot more on the beach from Mort and the other guys who adopted us as \\\"projects\\\" and who had a great place on Virginia Beach. Very fond memories all around, including the snorkel filling up, the \\\"stern planes jamming at high speed\\\" and swimming naked in the middle of the ocean with a couple guys in the conning tower with rifles in case of the sharks. The Bluefin, same class, is a berth at an Oregon museum and I visit from time to time to remind myself of my younger days."

--Jim Rech, Portland OR USA

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