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2009-08-10 16:45:46

"One up on Al Burger, during my time on Cubera we put the Control Room down to 500 ft and the stern down to 600. We also managed to ram a Sea Buoy that wrecked a prop and bent the shaft and during Christmas Routine with the Staff College officers aboard we managed to have two depth charges go off close aboard which ruptured the Bow Boyency Tank so we looked like a hot rod with a rake. "

--Richard Marleau, Mission Viejo CA USA

2009-04-26 16:05:01

"I was on board from 1956 to 1958, Left as RM3SS ."

-- Richard Marleau, Mission Viejo CA USA

2008-12-03 16:57:08

"Ref entry 2007-10-05 16:57:08 about Battle Surface. Ted Curtin’s comments in Photo Gallery 2 are largely accurate. I was the Diving Officer, and can add a few details that might interest someone. (I sent them to Ed Conley, several paragraphs, and can easily copy to a page as appropriate.) How shall I do this, if desired? Bill."

-- Bill Cole, Virginia Beach VA USA

2008-07-04 16:32:07

"On this July 4th I was looking over the Cubera website and remembering the "good ol’ days". I always like to go to Gallery 2 and remember back to the days serving under Capt. Herzog and XO Ted Curtin. All of a sudden, I remembered his "Bubbler". Anybody remember that?? He had an air line rigged to, if I remember correctly, the HP line going to the air horn, and ran it forward to the bow, just under the walking deck. At the end of the line was a piece of pipe about 6-10" long with many. many small holes drilled in it. A valve in the Con would allow you to blow HP air out and thru those many little holes forming thousands of tiny air bubbles. I remember being on the helm and practicing diving, getting below a thermal, laying a big path of bubbles that would get trapped under the thermal and then going to "Back 1/3". We would back out from under the bubbles, then turn and depart. The tin cans topside would pick up the bubbles on their sonar, drop PDCs all over it and we would be long gone. What a thinker and innovator! And what a Skipper to begin your Submarine career under!"

--Carl Daniel, Richmond VA USA

2008-06-09 16:48:27

"after reviewing the log I beguin to wonder at the memory of some folks, one person thinks their dad was on the Cubera in 1943, another remembers putting the bow down over 500 due to a screw up diving. That’s entirely possible I that Herzog and Draddy wouldn’t believe that West Coast boats very seldom exceded 10 degrees down angle unless the bow plains were jamed by someone. They also took a long time to understand that it was not necessary to sound the serfaceing alarm three times in a dead quite submerged boat. "

--richard Marleau, Mission Viejo CA USA

2008-04-17 11:36:10

"Rik, I thoroughly enjoyed looking at the Cubera’s website which you have created. You’ve done a great job. I caught the Cubera at Portsmouth in the spring of 1963 when I came out of sub school at Groton. I was on board until August 1965. I got my dolphins in Montreal and drank them at the Dow brewery. You have a picture on the website which is #7 on the 4th gallery. You have some question marks underneath and I presume that means you don’t know the person in the picture. The picture is of me. I was an RM2 at discharge time. At the time of the picture I was probably an E-4. I have no idea what I was doing in the picture. Maybe reading an Ian Fleming book, or Probably just goofing off. My picture is also in picture #9 of third galley. I was on the far right. Thanks for the memories...I’ll look around and see what is in our albums that I can send you. Thanks again, Jack E. Roan "

--Jack Roan, Bethlehem PA USA

2008-03-15 20:50:43

"Served aboard USS Cubera 1962 to 1965. At the time, her nick name was "Storm Seeker". "

--Lowell A "Mac" McKinney Jr., Duluth Ga USA

2007-12-22 03:00:03

"Greetings Shipmates, Please update your records with my current e-mail address, Thanks and DBF."

--Charles L. "Charlie" Weaver, Glen Burnie MD USA

2007-10-28 21:29:28

"Served 68 to 71 had fun, grew up, got out. no regrets."

-- Bruce Braaten QM2, Dent MN USA

2007-10-25 10:36:14

"My father, Dennis E. Parks, served on the Cubera from early 1943 until the end of the war. He had been on the Saratoga from 1941 until he left for sub school in New London, (Groton) CT. He returned to his home town, Grand Rapids,Michigan in 1946 with my Mother and sister . He had 2 more daughters and worked as a police officer on the Grand Rapids Police Dept. where he served for 32 years until he retired as a Captain. Dad is alive and well and he would really enjoy hearing from anyone that remembers him or from anyone that has heard of him. He is wondering too if anyone knows anything about Arnold Lasko a friend of his. He tells great stories about his time on the Cubera and at the sub base. He doesn’t use the computer so any messages will be passed on to him. Thank you"

--Denise Hearld, Wyoming MI USA

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