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2000-01-29 07:48:11

"The Cubbybear was the first boat to take me down . It was in the fall of 63 or early 64 when I was attached to NRSD 4-37 and we came up from Philly to take a kiddy cruise one weekend. As I remember, we rocked and rolled all over Long Island Sound and I got hooked on Sonar. I went to Sonar School, then the Redfin, Triton, and Haddock and got out after 10 years. The crew on your boat was outstanding and helpful and I really got a taste of the Elite of the Fleet!!!"

--John (unknown), USA

2000-01-05 21:17:06

"Hi all this was a good boat to take me on my first trip down while stationed in cuba with the Marines signed on for a few liberty runs down to Haiti and the islands did enjoy the crew a great bunch of guys and boy could they put away the cold ones did have a few pics of her in 1970 but have not seen them for somn them for some time will have to dig around for them."

--George Missi, USA

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