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2006-12-13 16:07:37

"Was on Cubera fm 6-9-61 to 6-23-62- Qualified under Cmdr R B White.Still have leather Name patch with USS CUBERA (SS347) Have 5 Grand Club for being in 5000 dive of Sub. Ltr of Commendation for that was given to crew 7 may 62 thr 16 Jun 62. I beleive This is time that we were caught in the Storm. I believe we also got bumped by a Air Craft Carrier in port at Mayport Fla. Loved every minute of it."

--John Walters, Moore, SC, 29369 SC USA

2006-10-04 16:08:52

"Just stumbled across this, I was on the Cubera from 56 to 58, left as RM3SS. Joe Reddy was the COB, JJ Herzog was the skipper and there was a LT named Draddy that I wanted to wait outside the gate for. They said I would have to wait for six months or be subject to the UCMJ, see how lucky some Italians can be.."

--Richard Marleau, mission viejo ca USA

2006-09-04 06:53:13

"Don’t know if you remember me, but in the event you do and have any pictures of me, I’d appreciate copies. I lost all my pictures in the Katrina flooding in St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana. THANKS. Patrick J. Hogan MM1(SS)"

--Patrick Hogan, Covington LA USA

2006-07-26 09:31:08

"Anybody no the where abouts of Doc Harrie (not sure of spelling) was on the boat in the early 60’s. Would like to hear form him, or sam snead,or carl edenworth."

--J. R. Morrow, Crescent City Fl USA

2006-02-23 20:11:22

"Was electrician on board from "61--65", Does anyone know the whereabouts of Bob Cloupe, Ralph Pontier or Bob Mitchell"

--steve hough, glendale AZ USA

2005-08-15 16:15:08

"I would like to know of any one who new my Dad (Mr. Bane), He served aboard the Cubera between the late 50’s to the early 60’s... He was a Junior Officer when he left. Any info...(Good or bad) will be very much appreciated"

--Thomas Bane, Duarte CA USA

2005-03-17 12:53:49

"1946 to 1949 Sure would like to chat with some one was TM3SS not to many of us left. Retired in 1964 (843) 873-2104"

--Hal Helms, Summerville SC USA

2005-03-06 18:32:19

"Was aboard 62/63 as a Radioman. New email address posted. Thanks for the site. "

--Ernest McCoy, Ladson SC USA

2004-12-05 08:09:03

"Nov. 30,2004 marked the passing of Fireman 3rd class Robert W. Holmes known as gutwrench. Served on the Cubera 1945-49. Trying to recall crewman who also served at that time. Angelo (WOP) La Palosa, Herbie Pratt, Arky-real moniker unknown, from Arkansas, Bull Watson, Pryzbilski, who had the Chief change this name while on board. But I can not recall what he was to be called. Any mention of Pryzbilski would result in a reprimand. There was a racoon on board at one time. Does anyone remember the odor of the toaster when it was turned on? Also when fresh bread was made the crew commended the WOP for putting seeds in the bread. The WOP said " Hell,those aren’t seeds they’re bugs." English sub sailorswere deemed very unclean. However, when we were allowed leave, civies were worn. Yet upon entering a watering hole, the first question was, "what sub are you on?" The retort would be,"How do you know?" The bartender would reply,"You smell like 200 armpits(compliment was 100) 200 dirty feet,100 crotches and a gallon of diesel fuel thrown in." Yes,Havana was a heck of a place. Someone needs to go to the beach and tell Sally Valdez don’t bother waiting Bob can’t make it. The Holmes family Daytona Beach, FL. Lockport, NY."

--chris holmes, daytona beach fl USA

2004-11-11 11:38:04

"Happy Veteran’s day... pass it on!"

--Rik Nilsson, Jacksonville OR USA

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