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2004-06-03 22:26:42

"Does ANYONE know where or what happened to Vicky Vines, the Georga Peach?????? Would really like to know "

--John Fordyce, Indiana Pa USA

2004-06-02 22:18:59

"Read all 8 pages. Lots of names and great memories. Great boat and greeaat shipmates. Hey Joe, during that refueling, when you were on the helm, I dropped a sledge hammer from the top of the sail. It hit the ood and knocked him cold. Old man saved him as he was going over the side. Cheeze, thanks ffor the pictures!!! Will look for mail from anyone. 1960/1966"

--John Fordyce, Indiana Pa. USA

2004-06-01 23:30:04

"The greatest bunch of guy I could have asked to serve with, I was on the cubera from Feb 89 to Feb 71. Made some of my best friends on board. In the Cubera I was the lookout watching for sharks, which we did encounter. So we then fished for shark until we caught one and brought it aboard. I was also the below deck watch when we sank next to the tender. We were replacing a hull valve when the back up did not hold. "

--Tom Bossle, Abingdon MD USA

2004-02-24 10:40:37

"Just run across site today (24Feb. 2003) and was much pleased. Served on Cubera 1953-1954. "Smiley" Miles was Chief of Boat. Is there anyone around who was on board at the same time?"

--Fred M. Hintze, Richlands NC USA

2004-02-05 19:40:02

"What a wonderful trip down memory lane. I sent some of you a note. Hope you answer. The Med trip, the storm, running aground and retrieving practice fish are all good memories. Cy"

--Cy (Sadie) Abdo, Dimondale MI USA

2004-02-02 19:45:35

"Does anyone know when the next Re-Union is i would like to know. Please RSVP"

--Richard E. Tomac, Sr. USN/Ret., Live Oak Fl USA

2004-02-02 19:11:44

"This is the first boat i qualified on and the COB was Pop Watson in 1961. I was attached to A-Div under Bill Rauligh who later was trasfered to the Eathan Allen ssbn-608 & i later was transfered to the Sam Houston ssbn-609. It was the best boat i was ever on Best reguards to all. Richard "

--Richard Tomac, Sr. USN/Ret., Live Oak Fl USA

2004-01-24 20:33:23

"Cavalla AGSS 244, Sturgeon SSN 637 Cubera SS347"

--JOHN KENNEDY, Coral Springs Fla. USA

2003-11-02 21:49:30

"Served on the cubby bear in 1959-60,It was my 1st boat.Remember the COB was ENCS Joe Reddy who made LDO.I well rmember the A------ buoy as I got washed overboard trying to re-string the cable.Scary moments until I grabbed the life ring & was pulled back aboard."

--Larry Jones, Lenoir City TN USA

2003-10-28 09:07:25

"Hi shipmates, I recently ran across an offer from John Clear EMC(SS) Ret. who is webmaster for the Sealion site( He is offering a 4-volume tape set of the old TV "Silent Service" series. Check it out at --Rik"

--Rik Nilsson, Jacksonville OR USA

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