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2003-08-13 11:45:48

"Just logging in new email address. Glad the reunion was a great success. Ted"

--Ted Curtin, Plymouth MA USA

2003-07-01 11:03:58

"The photos from the 2003 reunion can be seen at: I was on the Cubby from 54 till 57 and upon leaving was EM1(SS)"

--Paul Fitzgerald, Cinn Oh USA

2003-06-18 17:06:27

"The Cubera was my first submarine assignment. I had made friends with several members of the crew. I had been attached to the U.S.S. Kittiwake ASR 13. After requesting submarine duty I was given temp. orders to the U.S.S. Orion and received a psych. exam and a pressure test. I transferred to the Cubera in 1963 without attending sub school. It was a short tour but I had the priviledge to serve with the best submariners I met in my carreer. I was drafted to the commissioning crew of the U.S.S. Von Steuben and the rest is history."

--John Wilkinson, Old Lyme CT. USA

2003-05-21 23:47:57

"Just got home from the 2003 Reunion in Norfolk. It was wonderful to see all you guys who came and it was great to refresh memories. Thanks to Zeke for all his work in setting it up, and thanks to John Fordyce for the remembrance of lost shipmates at the Farewell Banquet. Most of all, thanks for coming."

--Rik Nilsson, Jacksonville OR USA

2003-03-31 14:05:25

"Brings back memories 1969-1971 Key West. Great Crew. Great Friends. Great Times !!"

--Joe Morel, Ft Lauderdale FL USA

2003-03-07 01:01:47

"I really enjoy checking in and seeing who has come out of the past. Really sorry to hear about Bill Lally, rest easy shipmate.Would sure love to attend the reunion but it is impossible at this time.Need to correct my e-mail address, would love to hear from any of you guys!"

--Robert Morton, Tooele UT USA

2003-03-04 13:35:26

"I was an EM2SS on the Cubera from about 1954-1956. LCDR Deitzen was CO then. Chick Ross was EMCSS. I was very close friends with Stan Drogos EM2SS. Stan was an engineer at Underwriters Lab, and I used to meet him once a month for lunch and drinks. I retired from Grumman Aerospace in 1993 after 26 years. I,m sorry to say that Stan passed away about 6 years ago."

--Joseph Bergwerk, Roslyn Hts NY USA

2003-02-07 14:20:23

"thanks for creating this site"

--Charlie Murray, Glastonbury CT USA

2003-02-07 08:54:07

"Great site."

--Charlie Murray, Glastonbury CT USA

2002-12-16 19:21:22

"Great website! Actually noted that I was in one of the pictures in Gallery 2."

--Carl R. Daniel, Richmond VA USA

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