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2002-11-21 16:56:48

"I was on the cubby bear 1967-1968 TM2(SS)"

--Joel A. Kramer, Nazareth PA USA

2002-11-06 17:00:10

"I think my dad was the Bundy who got so seasick. From what I understand, he had quite a problem with it. His name was Donald Bundy and was an electrician. Unfortunately, he passed away in 1968 when I was 3. If anyone has any memories of my dad they'd be willing to share, please contact me. I'd really like to know him better."

--Dawn Bastulli, Chesterland OH USA

2002-11-05 17:01:02

"I served aboard the cubera from 66/68 qualified , and transfered to an FBM as a QM3 "

--Bill Miller, Beachwood NJ USA

2002-11-04 17:02:19

"I was only a mess cook for one 10 day trip to sea, I just couldn't help it.."

--Paul Kline, Oklahoma City OK USA

2002-11-03 17:04:36

"Just had a chance to scroll through some of the entries. Saw notes from "Underwater Smith", Ted Curtin, Ron Miles and Tom Turner. Remember running aground, going upriver to Yorktown, Philly overhaul, trips to Halifax and Bermuda, and finally the 60-61 Med cruise. And that radio bouy antenna - had to go inside that access panel a few times to adjust the locking jaws. This is a great site. Thanks."

--John Berkheimer, St. Louis MO USA

2002-11-03 17:03:21

"Served aboard U.S.S. Cubera from mid 1958 thru mid 1961. Became Leading Seaman soon after reporting. Went TDY to Radio School and returned to Cubera. Completed tour as RM2 and discharged July 1961."

--John Berkheimer, St. Louis MO USA

2002-11-01 17:07:45

"Served aboard the Cubera from April 1949 thru September 1952 EM3SS"

--Kenneth D. Gardiner, Peoria AZ USA

2002-10-23 19:30:18

"I was on the decom crew in Key West. Charley Petrovich and I were running mates and had some good times on duval street. I retired ENCS(SS)(SW)(DV) in Jan 1990 hope to hear from more of the decom crew"

--Alan Smith, Portsmouth OH USA

2002-10-19 17:17:59

"To ALL my former shipmates, please correct the email address you have for me. You may reach me at m3chuck(a)"

--Chuck Weaver, Glen Burnie MD USA

2002-10-04 17:09:48

"EM2 59-62"

--John N. Smith, USA

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