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2002-09-21 17:10:45

"I served in Cubera fron 1946 through 1948.I qulified prior to her being converted to a Guppy.I was a 3rd. class gunner's mate.Our cob was Chief Bull Watson. Do any of you late commers remember Herby Prat. We were running mates. had some good times in Havana.Is ther anybody out ther that goes back that far I would like to hear from you Herby served out his 20 years in Cubera "

--Albert T. Conner, Phila. PA USA

2002-09-21 16:33:14

"My father was a member of the Cubera's first crew. We lived in Groton during WWII and the Cubera was out of the sub base there. I am very anxious to get him online to see your site. Thank you for taking the time and effort to memorialize those that served in the silent service. Unlike my dad I ended up as a Seabee!"

--Edward DiTomas, Brewster NY USA

2002-09-11 16:22:55

"I enjoyed the visit, good page. Crash"

--Jimmy (Crash) Evans, Cleveland TX USA

2002-08-25 21:47:49

"I came aboard a TM striker in 1966, shipped out 1969 as TM3(SS).Trained on topside watch by Dutch Krompoltz, Dusty Dean was COB, Bill Lally pissing the Captain off for eating the last lobster. We had the greatest boat going, many fond ,happy memories of a lot of great times and shipmates."

--Robert Morton, Tooele UT USA

2002-08-21 16:50:09

"My father,LCDR John J. Herzog, commanded the Cubera 1957-59 and I have fond memories of going on board and enjoying the ice cream!"

--Gail Herzo Ingram, Huemoz Switzerland

2002-08-19 17:15:28

"I also served under CMDR White & rode the hurricane out for 5 days I believe in '62? I lost 25 pounds! I was aboard only for a short time & then to the Cobbler(344) and Grampus(523) before heading off to Nuky school at Bainbridge. Who ever said that place was a little run down was UNDERSTATING the situation! Greaat site! "

--Vernon A. Butcher, Spring Grove PA USA

2002-08-11 16:55:32

"I was a crew member onboard the USS Sea Leopard SS483 during the years of 65-67. Just found this site and wanted to sign in to possibly contact others from the SS483."

--Ron Creger, Port Charlotte FL USA

2002-08-11 16:54:20

"I was XO from 12/58 to 6/60, serving three skippers, Herzog, Wilson, and White. "Buck" Herzog was the instigator of the first alongside fueling from a carrier in carrier in TG "A" in '59, and the designer of the "floating" antenna held up by half of a messenger buoy and housed in the strange "mortar" on our stern. Those were interesting days!"

--Ted Curtin, Plymouth MA USA

2002-08-11 16:53:07

"Just checking to see If there Is any Cubby Bear sailors from 62-65 still kicken!!! Cheese TM1(SS)"

--Ray Cheesbrough, Long Beach CA USA

2002-08-11 16:51:51

"Very nice website! I am currently working at BUPERS in the submarine officer assignments office and I am under orders to my second sub, USS CITY OF CORPUS CHRISTI (SSN 705)."

--Mark Pitts YN2(SS), Memphis TN USA

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