Bridge - Bell & Dive Alarm

The bridge of a Guppy sub has a Dive Alarm switch, it is true. It also has a depth-proof 1MC and 7MC P/A station.1 However the ship’s bell is normally only temporarily located on the forward of the sail (Conning Tower fairwater) while the boat is in port. It is usually only used to signal the arrival and departure of the senior officers of the boat and the command to which it is attached.

Jan 2009 -- Some of you may have heard that the recently recovered bell of the USS GRUNION was aboard the USS COD. John has assured me that the CUBERA’s bell is still the "working" bell, and that the GRUNION’s bell was aboard only during the October 2008 special memorial for relatives of the GRUNION’s lost crew. Sailors, rest your oars.

These Bell photos were taken aboard the USS COD memorial afloat on Lake Erie in Cleveland, OH, and provided courtesy of John Fakan.

John Fakan ringing CUBERA’s bell on the quarterdeck of USS COD.John Fakan ringing CUBERA’s bell on the quarterdeck of USS COD.

Ring the bell yourself!

John, on behalf of CUBERA’s crew, thanks again very, very much.John, on behalf of CUBERA’s crew, thanks again very, very much.

CUBERA’s dive alarm photos taken at Al Sabatino’s place in Colorado.

Given to him years ago by Curt Dougherty, Al spent some 15 minutes adjusting and lubricating this memorable unit while we sucked back a few glasses of Fat Tire during our 2nd Bi-annual Western Reunion in July 2004 for our enjoyment. This sound file is derived from an actual video recording of Cubby’s original dive alarm being sounded.

Sound the Diving Alarm!

Label text:

BU.SHIPS STOCK NO. G17-11-7790
MFR’S DRG. NO. 19158
VOLTAGE 115-60~ AMPS. .71
CONTRACT NO. N140-1558 42647-8

1 1MC is the whole-ship announcing system. The 7MC is similar, but excludes the Forward and Aft Batteries and engine rooms.


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