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Cubera’s 1964 Visitor’s Pamphlet

The officers and men of Cubera hope that your visit with us will be interesting as well as enjoyable. We hope that you will ask us about our ship and our work. Submariners, although known as the "silent service", are anxious for you to know more about them and their submarines.

The information contained in this booklet is provided in order to make your stay both pleasant and informative. We hope that you will make yourself at home while on board.

T. L. Shanahan, LCDR, USN, Commanding Officer

M. D. Duke, Jr., LCDR, USN, Executive Officer

W. G. Dean, Chief Electrician’s Mate, Chief of the Boat

About Cubera

USS Cubera (SS347) is a submarine of the Guppy II type. She possesses high-capacity batteries, a snorkel system, and a streamlined hull, all of which differentiate her from the familiar submarines of the fleet type and add greatly to her underwater speed and endurance.
Cubera was converted to Guppy in 1947, becoming one of the first ships with greater underwater propulsive power.

After her conversion, Cubera was based in Key West, Florida, where she participated in training of both submarine and antisubmarine personnel. In July 1952 Cubera reported to Submarine Squadron Six in Norfolk, Virginia. operating in the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea.

In May 1958 she became one of the original members of the new Task Group Alpha, the Navy’s famous first antisubmarine force. Operating with Task Group Alpha until late October 1959, Cubera was part of a great development effort, building our knowledge and strength in antisubmarine warfare. She made a Mediterranean deployment from October 1960 through March 1961 followed by numerous antisubmarine exercises and training periods in the Western Atlantic. In November of 1963 Cubera again returned to Task Group Alpha.

Cubera’s operations have been designed to train her crew in all phases of submarining in the constant effort to maintain our Navy strong and ready to protect our country.


Keel laid: 11 May 1944
Built by: Electric Boat Company
Groton, Connecticut
Launched: 17 Jun 1945
Commissioned: 19 Dec 1945
Guppy-II Conversion: 04 Jul 1947 - 09 Mar 1948
Length: 307 feet
Beam: 27 feet
Armament: 10 21-inch torpedo tubes
Propulsion: Diesel-electric power plant
with storage batteries and
direct-drive electric motors

Inner page of another version of the Cubby pamphlet showing the sub’s compartments. (<em>Image courtesy of Steve Hough</em>)Inner page of another version of the Cubby pamphlet showing the sub’s compartments. (Image courtesy of Steve Hough)

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What’s in a name

Cubera - Can reach 6 feet, 125 pounds.Cubera - Can reach 6 feet, 125 pounds.The cubera is a large fish found in tropical waters. It is also known as the Cuban snapper and is a member of the snapper family. The cubera is mostly gray. The average weight is between 30 and 60 pounds. This fish can be found in waters ranging from southern Florida to Brazil. A stout line, good leader, and lure bait are necessary for catching this giant.

USS Cubera (SS347) is commanded by Lieutenant Commander Thomas L. Shanahan. He graduated from Tufts University, Medford, Massachusetts, in June of 1951. Upon graduation he was commissioned and assigned to USS Robert H. McCard (DD822). In June of 1953 he reported to U. S. Submarine School, New London, Connecticut. Upon completion of this school he was assigned to USS Requin (SSR481) at Norfolk, Virginia. In 1955 he was assigned to USS Croaker (SSK246) at New London, Connecticut.

During the period August- November 1957 he attended the Regulus Missile Course at Dam Neck Virginia, upon completion of this course he was assigned to Guided Missile Unit #51 as Missile Officer, and served with that unit at Yorktown, Virginia, and Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico. In July 1959 LCDR Shanahan was transferred to USS Carbonero (SS337) at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. In June of 1960 he was assigned to the staff of Commander Submarine Squadron One, first as communications officer and subsequently as Operations Officer. He was detached from that duty in September 1961 and he returned to Norfolk to assume duties as Submarine Readiness Officer and Assistant Antisubmarine Warfare Readiness Officer on the staff of Commander in Chief, U. S. Atlantic Fleet. In July 1963, he reported to USS Runner (SS476) as Executive Officer, and served in that capacity until April 1964, when he was given command of Cubera.

LCDR Shanahan is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah T. Shanahan of Turner Falls, Massachusetts and is married to the former Shirley Jane Workman of Silver Spring, Maryland and Hendersonville, North Carolina. The T. L. Shanahans presently reside at 1462 West Little Neck Road, Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Commanding Officers

LCDR R. W. Paine June 1945 - March 1946
LCDR G. W. Grider March 1946 - June 1947
CDR D. L. Melhap June 1947 - July 1948
LCDR H. E. Davey July 1948 - April 1949*
LCDR G. H. Reeves April 1949 - July 1952*
LCDR H. S. Warren July 1952 - July 1953
LCDR E. J. Hannon July 1953 - July 1955
LCDR W. N. Dietzen July 1955 - June 1957
LCDR J. J. Herzog July 1957 - April 1959
LCDR H. R. Wilson April 1959 - May 1960
LCDR R. B. White May 1960 - August 1962
LCDR R. Boykin, Jr. August 1962 - April 1964
LCDR T. L. Shanahan April 1964-1965
CDR J. M. Stone 1966-1968
CDR J. J. Daigeneault Jr. 1968-1969
CDR R. E. Emery ~1970
CDR G. Sullivan ~1972
* Estimated dates


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